Current programs to create groups of Yogic Flyers.

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Currently, there are several efforts going on to create groups of Yogic Flyers around the world. The most concrete projects are:

United States: Fairfield, Iowa. Currently about 600 Yogic flyers. We’d need 1700 professional Yogic Flyers to create the effect for all of the United States. Cost $1000 per Yogic Flyer per month.

Latin America: Several projects are currently going on at the same time. Projects will be specified in more detail soon.

India: Currently there are about 1500 professional Yogic Flyers in central India. We need 3000 to create an effect for all of India, and 9000 to create an effect for the entire world. Cost $250 per Yogic Flyer per month.

Thailand: The Dhammajarinee school is a Buddhist boarding school for girls that has amazing results, with children winning national competitions in creative problem solving, similar to the MSAE school in Fairfield Iowa. They are also creating a large group of Yogic Flyers. More details soon.

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