The Field Paradigm
50 experiments
that can change the world

The only proven effective way to create world peace… and reduce our taxes

‘You can’t fight the darkness, you can only turn on the light’Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

War seems like a distant memory for most people in the western world. We see it on our televisions, perhaps, but are not confronted with it in real life.

But this is changing. Now there’s a new type of war from which nobody is safe: terrorism. Today the enemy is not some superpower at the other side of the world, but an unknown guy with dark shades in your city or village who can strike any moment. It is not possible to defend yourself against somebody who really is determined to hurt you; sooner or later he will find a way.

The only defense is to take away his determination, and that can only be done at the source of his thinking. This is what the Field Paradigm technologies can do: radiate positivity so that negative thoughts disappear, just like darkness disappears in the presence of light. People will simply change their minds. They won’t know why they changed their minds, they just will. Other thoughts will come in, like ‘Let’s play football’. Even the thought of harming another human being may not feel right any more, although they may not be able to explain why.

In the Machine Paradigm, the only way to change the behaviour was to push rules of behaviour on every person externally, and constantly police people to make sure they followed them. This is extremely expensive, and practically impossible. We can’t survey every single person for 24/7. You’d need three full time jobs for every person that is out there.

In the Field Paradigm, the way to change the behaviour is internally. We create the effect in one location by creating a large group of Yogic Flyers, and radiate the effect to every single person around through the field, enabling people to feel and think in a happier way. It is not only far cheaper than external policing (99,5% cheaper, according to the UK study) but also far more effective.

The really good news is that this group of Yogic Flyers doesn’t even have to cost anything. It could be implemented in schools, prisons, businesses, as part of the military or the police force (as is already being done in Latin America), as part of unemployment programmes, etc. The effect can be created if the Yogic Flyers only do their advanced meditation practice for about an hour twice a day. That is all that is required. The rest of the day they can do what they normally do—study, go to work, etc.

We’ll look at the fifty research studies in a lot more detail throughout this book, but the eventual picture that will emerge is that it’s not only possible to create world peace, but that in doing so our governments will save so much money that they’ll very soon be able to significantly reduce our taxes.

Now wouldn’t that be something worth fighting for.

Will you keep this a secret?

So now you have a pretty good idea of what the Field Paradigm is all about, and what the new technologies that are related to it can do. The question now is what will you do about it. These technologies have remained the world’s best-kept secret for forty years. Do you want to wait another forty years, or would you like to see them implemented in forty days? It’s certainly possible.

Here are a few things you can do:

1. Share this. Flood the internet, let everyone know about it.

2. Be the light yourself. Learn to transcend as soon as possible, and don’t stop there. Learn to become a Yogic Flyer. The training is a significant investment in both time and money but based on the statistics I can promise you it will be a very good investment. (A pan-European survey of 500 TM practitioners found that 97% thought it was a good investment, and 35% thought it was the best investment they’ve ever made*).

The first step to learn TM is to simply attend an info seminar, where you can meet your local teacher, hear what TM can do for you, and ask him/her any questions you want. These info seminars are free, and without any obligation to take the rest of the course. Find your local TM center.

3. If you don’t have time to create the effect yourself, why not outsource your meditation? Help to Fund a group of professional Yogic Flyers. Maharishi’s goal was always to create a permanent group of professional peacemakers that was big enough to create an influence for the whole world. According to the square root of 1% formula this group would need about 9,000 Yogic Flyers. Towards the end of the 80s, thanks to one donor, the TM organization was actually able to maintain such a group in India for four years, from 1987 to 1991. This was the time when the Berlin wall fell, and the Cold War came to an end. The Soviet army, the largest in the world with twelve million soldiers, spontaneously dissolved without firing a single shot. Could be a coincidence—we’ll see later in this book that it’s not. The title of this book shouldn’t be ‘50 Experiments that can change the world’, but ‘50 Experiments that have already changed the world’.

Currently a renewed effort is taking place to again create such a group, again in India, as labour costs are far lower there than in the west. The total cost for a professional peacemaker there is only $250/month (salary plus living expenses). So far a group of 3,000 professional Yogic Flyers has already been created, largely sponsored by the TM movement and several hundred private donors. The goal is to expand this group to 16,000. Basically this means that with this technology, one government, or even one single billionaire, can create permanent peace for the whole world.

But you don’t have to be a billionaire to create the change. Even just sponsoring one of these professional Yogic Flyers can already make a huge difference. As a result of the square root of 1% formula, the positive effect you can create for the world by sponsoring one additional Yogic Flyer is simply mind-blowing. If they have 3000 Yogic Flyers already, this means they can already create an effect for 900 million people (3000 yogic Flyers create the same effect as 9 million individual TM meditators, for 900 million people). So what happens if we would ad one additional Yogic Flyer? This one additional Yogic Flyer could create an additional effect for (3001*3001*100)-(3000*3000*100) = 600100 people. Six hundred thousand people positively influenced for one full month… That’s a lot of karmic brownie points for a meager $250 investment. And of course the curve of quadratic growth goes up very quickly. If we’d be able to grow the group to 5000, an additional Yogic Flyer would already create the effect for more than 1 million extra people. Tell me honestly, have you ever found a more cost-effective way to make a difference in the world.

Thank you for taking the time to understand this new paradigm and its new technologies. We are living at the time of ‘phase transition’, when the old system is rapidly changing to a new system. With all the new evidence showing that the Field Paradigm is real it will no longer be a question of whether this transition will happen, but rather how quickly we can make it happen.

Jai Guru Dev,

* of those who could answer the question how they would rank TM as an investment (90% of all respondents, 10% felt it was too soon to answer as they didn’t practice TM long enough)