Omnipotence: being “lucky” all the time.

People who are familiar with books (or movies) like The Secret, What the Bleep do We Know, Conversations with God, or any kind of trainings related to the power of thought may already be familiar with the concept that we shape our reality with our thoughts. People who saw their prayers to a higher divine reality answered have been experiencing this for thousands of years. They had a thought, a desire, and suddenly they saw that all circumstance in their environment cooperated to bring this desire to fruition.

More than 100 years of research with Random Event Generators, including hundreds of studies at Princeton University, has also revealed that thoughts can alter our material world.

The problem with all of these is that the results don’t seem to be very reliable. It works sometimes, but most of the times it doesn’t seem to make any difference at all, which is why most people believe it’s all just nonsense.

From a practical point of view they are right. A lot of books and researchers may have realised that we are much more powerful than we think to shape our own destiny, but they can’t offer any techniques to turn this into a practical reality. It’s just a nice theory and a lot of wishful thinking.

But what if we could make it practical?

Here’s how it works. Everytime we send out a thought, we create a wave of energy on the Unified Field, and through the law of action and reaction (which works just the same for thoughts as it does for physical events), sooner or later the effect of my thought will come back to us. With every thought we have we change our universe.

The problem is that if we only think from the surface level, the power of our thoughts is very weak, too weak to make any kind of significant noticeable difference. It’s like throwing a rock in a lake from a distance. The rock you can throw, and the splash you can make, are rather small.


But if we could move closer to the lake (which is what we train ourselves to do when we start transcending regularly). We can throw a much bigger rock, and create a much stronger wave.


And what if we could learn how to jump in the ocean ourselves?

This is something people can learn as an advanced TM technique, which Maharishi started teaching in 1976, called the TM sidhi program. If people have been practicing TM for some time, and have refined their experience through specific advanced techniques, they can learn how to bring their minds to the field itself and express a desire at that level. This creates a far more powerful impulse and most people who practice this find that their desires just get fulfilled much more quickly. They just get “lucky” much more often, and have far more success in life. More than 200.000 people have taken this training already. Essentially the TM sidhi program is the closest thing to going on a Jedi Knight training (or attending Hogwarts if Harry Potter is more your thing) in real life.